Learning and Educational Disadvantage

The Learning and Educational Disadvantage research theme develops research that is on the interface between several disciplines; psychology, cognitive neuroscience, health and education. It groups several partners from the Grenoble site: research labs (university and CNRS), representatives from teaching (local education authority) and medical (Interuniversity health centre, centre referent troubles langues CHU) worlds as well as associations (CORIDYS, ANAIS…).  It brings together cognitive sciences and education knowledge from the Grenoble site.

The theme’s research mission includes facilitating multidisciplinary interaction and initiating research actions that makes it possible to transfer theoretical advances into more practical areas (health, education). As for its training missions, it aims to open a new master programme called “neuropsychology and clinical neurosciences of children” as well and providing professional training for teachers and health care professionals. The social returns of its work include communication actions (conferences and debates) and the opening, in 2015, of specialised consultations open to the general public.
The theme leader is Sylviane Valdois, CNRS researcher in the LPNC Laboratory.