Emotions and Behaviour

The Emotions and Behaviour research theme brings together researchers from different laboratories, healthcare professionals and institutions and associations confronted with the social problems of mental health. The theme’s members aim to bring a greater scientific understanding of the individual in its environment with a double perspective of “normal” and “pathological” and also from a developmental perspective (from childhood to adulthood).

The mobilisation of the different social science disciplines represented by the members of the theme and the openness towards medical and neuro-sciences are essential in developing original research, which will be able to shed some light on the issues that make up the (dis) functioning of individuals. The theme also develops an expertise in the evaluation and care in the Research Structure’s consultation Centre.

The members of the Emotions and Behaviour theme care about the social return of their research activities and organise regular study days for professionals or the general public and privilege conferences with patient associations.

The theme leader is Martine Bouvard , professor in clinical psychology at the University of Savoie.