Ageing, Longevity and Autonomy

The Ageing, Longevity and Autonomy research theme brings together researchers from different laboratories and representatives from associations, socio-economic institutions whose work or engagement brings them to be interested in the social problems of ageing, longevity and autonomy.

The members of this research team propose to bring a scientific contribution to the understanding of ageing, with the double perspective of normal and pathological ageing. The research attempts to understand ageing, not only its individual dimension but also as a social process. The aim of the research is as much the current forms of ageing (social practices of retired and elderly people) as the supply of services, systems and mechanisms to accompany, help and care for the elderly and the public policy and the issues of their regulation (social and economic).

The theme also develops its evaluation expertise the following areas:
a) evaluation of help and support systems (human or technology)
b) evaluation of gerontology policies and provisions

The members of the theme know the importance of the social return of their work and therefore organise numerous conferences for professionals or the general public.

The theme also organises the Master programme Ageing, societies, technologies.

Catherine Gucher, lecturer/research in sociology and member of the PACTE laboratory is the theme leader.