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One of the missions of the Health and Society Research Structure is the valorisation and dissemination of its members’ work to the public interested in its research themes. It’s with this in mind that it organises an annual conference for the general public on a different theme each year.

On June 26 2012 the conference was dedicated to the “Research developments around Alzheimer disease”
. With the inherent multidisciplinary perspective of the Health and Society research structure the aims of this conference were:

  • To diffuse the knowledge on Alzheimer, recent work in neurology, cognitive psychologie, clinical psychology and sociology
  • To question national policies and local initiatives, the new type of treatment and care that have been developed in France since the first Alzheimer Plan in 2007, and their appropriateness when compared to the needs and expectations of the people and their care givers.
  • To analyse the different ethical questions that arise when caring and accompanying people especially with the introduction of new technologies in their homes.
  • To favour the creation of links between researchers and professionals, political decision makers and associations.