Considering the competencies developed by its members, the Health and Society research association is also a resource centre for the general public, healthcare, educational and medico-social professionals and decision makers.

It is developing 3 types of actions:
1.    A consultation centre on the Grenoble Campus is being developed. The aim of this centre is to propose check-ups and intervention that are empirically justified. These empirically justified interventions are based upon the integration of up to date knowledge in psychology in order to take care of the unique difficulties of different people. As well as a consultation service, the centre will be used for research projects that aim to improve knowledge about the factors involved in the development and maintaining of psychological problems as well as research on the development of new type of interventions.
2.    Psycho-social expertise for the general public, for example, the organisation of retirement preparation sessions.
3.    Expertise for political, socio-economic, businesses, healthcare professional decision makers/actors.

For example, the expertise on the subject of elderly people takes the following forms:
•    Evaluation of projects that aim to help elderly people keep their autonomy at home using new technologies, for example fall prevention.
•    Accompanying pensioner and elderly people’s associations and local government decision  makers in their reflexions
•    Development of observatories: for example the Social Practises Observatory of People Aged 55-75 in the Isere départment which receives support from the Isère local government
•    Studies and/or advice for the creation of establishment projects, services or policies.