The research carried out within the framework of the Health and Society Research Structure must contribute to improving the well-being and health of the population. It explores what determines health, is part of a promotional and preventative perspective and leads to an analytical and critical examination of health policies and services as well and community initiatives. Finally, it studies social adaptation processes that make it possible for members of a community to live in better physical and mental health.

The Health and Society Research Structure favours the emergence of innovative and multidisciplinary research projects that are linked with the 4 transversal research themes:
•    Longevity, Autonomy and Ageing
•    Emotions and Behaviour
•    Learning and Educational Disadvantage
•    Deficiencies, Handicap and Adaptation

The annual Health and Society Structure’s internal Call of Projects
Every year the financial contribution the SFR contributes to different research projects turns out to be essential in creating and developing partnerships and collaborations between its members. The financed projects must include at least 2 members of the structure (research labs or socio-economic actors). It also makes it possible for the teams to finance research time, buy material and other things necessary in contributing to the realisation for their work. Since 2011 the Research Association has financed 23 projects. In 2014 five projects received an average of 3200€ each. For more information of the projects that received financing please see each research theme’s page.