The SFR brings together research teams from the Université Pierre Mendès-France (UPMF) who study health issues using a social sciences approach with a multidisciplinary optic: psychology, educational science, sociology, applied economics, public policy management and regional planning policies. Alongside UPMF members there are teams from the other Grenoble based establishments involved in the research structure (neurosciences, medicine). Below is a list of all the members of the Research Structure and their representatives in the scientific council.

UPMF Partners laboratories

CERAG (Centre for Applied Management Studies), ML. Gavard-Perret
GAEL (Grenoble Applied Economics Lab - UPMF/INRA/INP), B. Ruffieux
LIP (Inter-University Psychology Laboratory), L. Bégue
LPNC (Psychology and Neurocognition Laboratory), M. Baciu
LSE (Educational Sciences Laboratory), P.Bressoux
PACTE (Public Policies, Political Actions and Territories), C. Gucher

Other research laboratories

AGIM (CHU/UJF), V.Rialle
Centre de référence de Diagnostic des troubles des apprentissages (CHU/UJF), MA. N’Guyen
Centre Interuniversitaire de Santé (UJF)
GIN et Fondation Neurodis (INSERM/CHU/UJF), C. Feuerstein
GIPSA Lab, Département Parole et cognition (INP/UJF/Stendhal), G. Bailly
IRMAGE (CHU /UJF), A Krainik
Pôle Psychiatrie et Neurologie CHU/UJF, T. Bourgerol

Associations and other socio-economic actors

Within the framework of its activities, the Research Structure aims to develop partnerships with the socio-economic and associative world. Its force is to bring together existing energies in the health area around Grenoble and to help emerge new dynamics to improve physical, mental and social well-being. Below is a list of the socio-economic members and the name of their representative.

Medic@Alps, V. Ayache
TASDA, V.Chirié
Association France Parkinson, C.Gachet
Centre de prévention des Alpes, G. Samson
Association Coridys, R. Zoubrinetski
Association EFAPPE (Personnes Handicapées par des Epilepsies sévères), F. Thomas-Vialettes
CARSAT Rhône Alpes, MP. Penet
Ville de Grenoble, F. Perrin
Conseil Général de l'Isère, E. Rumeau

The Health and Society research structure is also a member of the Fondation Fondamental: a foundation for scientific cooperation dedicated to mental health problems.

And depending on the research themes, it also works with the other research structures on the Grenoble site:  SFR Innovacs/UPMF, SFR Territoires en Réseaux/UPMF.