The Health and Society Research Structure is governed by a Director and a Scientific Council, the president of which is not a member of the university. Christian Marendaz has been the director of the research structure since March 2013 and Céline Baeyens is the assistant director. Bernard Fontan, socio-economic representative, was named president of the Scientific Council in 2011 for a 4 year period.

A representative of each partner (research labs, associations, etc.) and 2 exterior personalities make up the Scientific Council. It meets 3 times a year to :
-    decide upon scientific policy, strategic and budgetary orientations,
-    select projects that aim to favour collaborations between researchers and members of the research association,
-    choose the candidate for the PHD contract,
-    deal with all other questions concerning the development of its activity.

All deliberations are voted in with the majority of members who are present or represented.

The management team is composed of the President of the Scientific Council, the 2 directors, the 4 research theme leaders, a research engineer (Annie Mollier) and an administrative assistant (Lindsay Bardou).